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Smallworld GIS, data models, modules, data integration

For industry, public administration, network operators and local government GIS Consult is the solution partner for geoinformation systems and georeferenced data. We have a big portfolio, for example road databases, LIS (informationsystem for properties), ALKIS, tree cadaster, urban land-use planning, network documentation (FTTx, gas, wastewater, electricity, water) and sealing cadaster. We also develop individual solutions, for example for the work control within road maintenance or location documentation. Other examples are the maintenance of eye showers in the chemical industry or the online information query for network operators.

We developed numerous ideas and suggestions for customer projects that support hundreds of employees in different sectors and areas these days. Some examples are OGC-conform SOMs for Smallworld or a WebGIS that uses only OpenSource elements like PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenLayers and GeoExt.

GIS Consult is your certified Smallworld partner for product development, maintenance and services in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

GE Vernova Channel Partner

Your requests – our solutions

GIS Consult focusses on the productivity and efficiency of our customers. No matter if

  • Municipal utilities want to optimize the documentation of their pipelines
  • Federal authorities want to document, manage and expand their road network
  • Or stock companies want to control the renewal of a complex rail network point

GIS Consult has always the right solution!

Speak from experience 

During the last years, GIS Consult was established as a solution partner for interfaces and web applications. Via integration of existing database solutions and OpenSource data pools (Oracle, PostGIS, MySQL e.g.), we enable higher use of additional specific data like inhabitant or consumption data. GIS Consult offers the opportunity to integrate data via standard databases or OGC- and Rest-services, especially in the case of the connection of various grown systems.

GIS web solutions and mobile data access to spatial data are more and more important for municipalities, utilities and property companies to support their workflows. For this, we combine proprietary solutions and OpenSource technology whenever this combination can increase efficiency and usage.

In the fields tree inspections, road control, network planning, maintenance, fault management and market are current network information are essential. GIS Consult enables with tailor-made mobile solutions new possibilities to company data.

Tablet Produkte und Lösungen

WebGIS and portal solutions

For over 20 years GIS Consult has offered, for example, many solutions based on our GC OSIRIS-technology. By now we have grown an expelled competence in the fields of web GIS and portal developments.

No matter if it comes to geoportals for citizens (city of Heidelberg, city of Lippstadt, city of Offenburg e.g.), the planning or as basis for infrastructure land register: GC OSIRIS is characterized by its flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, you can enlarge for example the citizen portal with an application management for cracks together with guarantee monitoring or create a communication portal for projects like urban sites. This enables us to define different projects temporal and geometrical. Moreover, you can gather relevant statements, priorate documents and monitor or manage them online. GC OSIRIS based portal solutions offer many different applications, like a legally watertight pipe disclosure (Gelsenwasser), as an intern or mobile network information client or to help with the registration of properties inclusive contact management.