GC Hausanschlussportal

Your plus with our portal for house connections

Requests for house connections include media disruptions and much communication – even in times of online communication. The solution is to digitize the grid connection from the start (customer/installer) till the end (operator). The cooperation with our partner Bittner + Krull enables us to offer you a mainstream solution that includes the request for proposal, construction and invoicing party – totally digital! It combines an intuitive frontend with an intelligent backend to integrate all processes into the involved systems. The complete solution is compliant with the BDEW-guideline for grid connection portals.  

Pleased users

The online interaction gives you a straight answer to your requests. 

Backend integrated

This portal combines a portal-frontend and a backend with process engine – essential for process digitalization! 

Also, for staff

Great user experience and performance instead of switching between systems: Your employees also use the portal frontend.

Low costs

A higher efficiency based on the automated editing of standard-grid connections. 

Intuitive and organized

The system guides users intuitively through the request process and creates for standard connections an offer that is ready to order. GC Hausanschlussportal simplifies moreover the organization for installers. It helps for example to manage their dates for launches.  

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Achim Weßling
Achim Weßling
Account manager
Phone: (+49) 2364 9218 41