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The importance of mobility is growing! The traffic volume in Germany is growing every year. We have over 54 million vehicles with around 600 billion passenger kilometre and 240 billion tonne-kilometre on approx 231,000 kilometre supra-local road networks that must be coordinated and directed. At the same time is logistics one of the most important economic factors in Germany.  

An investment in the future! 

To ensure a secure, valuable and an environmentally friendly street maintenance, costs of some billion Euro are invested in Germany. Modern geo-database management systems (DBMS) enable to manage road data efficiently and profitable and to continue to use them variedly, too.  

Databases of the Federal Government and the Federal States have consistent specifications and standards but the municipal street databases are only based on recommendations. Nevertheless is an exchange between the street databases of the Federal States and municipalties not only useful but partly juridical required.   

NWSIB is a base system and manages the basic data of the supra-local road network with road condition and road use. Other important tasks of modern road information databases – such as NWSIB – are the mobility management, traffic planning and transport policy with all essential sectors, such as site management, congestion forecast and the evaluation and presentation of traffic figures. North Rhine-Westphalia is focused on the expansion of the current road network and its capacity. The data of NWSIB are the base to work with traffic information and the calculated data about traffic load, weather and sight. Another task is to provide data for plannings and information.

Road informations for the Federal States 

NWSIB contains a full historicization of the object level and a process manager that navigates the user through a defined workflow. A semantical test and technical plausibility check ensure a high level of data consistency. In 2001, the Lower Saxon Federal State Authority for Road Enigneering and Traffic decided to use NSWIB after a long and intense benchmark of different systems. They qualified the existing road network with the validation rules of NWSIB 

The road operation in NRW started to integrate NWSIB in further tasks. For example, they started to build a geo data server. The management of road drainage systems combined with the road network of NWSIB is nowadays an important part of the overall solution. In this case, the drainage systems are directly referenced to the road network. A particular analysis tool provides the needed results depending on the NWSIB-deployment system, for example conditions, materials, nominal sizes and components. Moreover, the NWLIS (Property information system road) was developed as another important specialized procedure.  

NWLIS contains the cadastral technical plots owned by the road construction administration and expands them with other information like contracts. A direct functional relation to the stationing system of NWSIB can be established.  

Meanwhile, NWSIB is the independent database for the management of the OKSTRA based road network in North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.  

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