Geoinformation systems for utilities

Geoinformation systems for utilities

GIS Consult has supported utilities for over 20 years with powerful and market tested tools for GIS and databases. Our products relieve you when it comes to the business wide use of geodata or the integration of geodata infrastructure in a business IT. Central for our applied geoinformation systems is the product Smallworld GIS. Its modern architecture and high scalable technology platform has the perfect base of spatial solutions for companies of every size in the utility business. Web solutions for information and analysis tasks as well as the mobile client application enable an easy and cost-effective usage of geodata in companies to enlarge their usefulness.

Standardized and innovative data model for the sectors electricity, gas, water, district heating, telecommunication and wastewater are the base for documentation, continuity and analysis of data. These applications are completed by many additional and special tools, for example for the integration of document management systems, for control systems, for management systems or for network calculation. 

Cross functional solutions for information queries for third parties, GIS based tools for the documentation of properties and permissions as well as for the calculation of compensations or applications for digging coordination are other examples of our portfolio.


The data model NRM Gas supports the documentation and management of gas distribution networks. NRM Gas is based on the needs of gas supply companies to document their equipment comprehensively.


NRM Water

The data model NRM Water is based on the needs of water supply companies to document their equipment comprehensively. NRM Water visualizes the complete water network from the water well up to the house connection. Furthermore, it focuses on the common German policies like the DIN 2425.

NRM Electricity

The data model NRM Electricity is based on the needs of energy suppliers to document their equipment comprehensively. Tools like automatization and visualization technologies can easily optimize the operation processes, maintenance management and analysis of your network.

NRM Wastewater

The data model NRM Wastewater is based on an efficient documentation of complex wastewater sewers and enables an optimal channel management focused on DIN EN 752:2008-4. Integrated tools support high quality and efficient acquisition of data in this system.


The data model NRM ALKIS enables the integrated data keeping and information management of cadastral data. It is ideal for energy suppliers, municipalities and pipeline providers that need the cadastral data as background information for their own technical systems.

GC Planauskunft

It takes network operators occasionally much time and costs to give information about the location of their pipes, lines and about their equipment. Furthermore, the German guidelines GW 118 and S 118 form the set of rules for online information queries to enable that network operators are sufficiently safe about claims for damages. “GC Planauskunft” supports those points of online information queries.

GC Versiegelungskataster

The data model GC Versiegelungskataster supports the municipalities in complying with legal regulations, according to which wastewater and rainwater must be separated when charging fees.

GC OSIRIS (Web Client)

GC OSIRIS is our powerful, individual customizable and scalable WebGIS based on a service orientated architecture (SOA). It enables you to visualize, select, query, edit or eject your geodata.

nisStrom Trasse

NisStrom Trasse is a network documentation solution that maps the complex and many layered structures of an energynetwork in a line structure with „automized multi-line representation“.

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