Documentation, management and analysis of properties without media disruption

The product NRM LIS is our software for documentation, management and analysis of properties. Our NRM LIS-aquisition assistant combines all important tables for aquisition, continuation and linked objects in a clear manner and with an easy configurable interface.

This high-performance solution combines all information for processing property-related data in one platform. You can integrate nearly all data formats. NRM LIS allows you efficient management of plots, buildings, properties, cadaster data, contracts (purchase, sale, e.g.), rights or burdens.

In addition to standard GIS functionalities, our suite offers you special tools and functions to optimize and manage your business processes. Tools are for example reporting, acquisition assistant and intersection. Furthermore, you don not need external systems for your business processes.

Use efficient documentation of all relevant plots for targeted transaction processing. We guarantee for these opportunities via including the real land register model in our database.

Our product protects the rights that are named in Section II of the land register. By visualizing this information, you get a quick overview of the status quo. Without any outlay you get all necessary data about the owners and rights or burdens of the properties.

NRM LIS also supports you in all work processes during integrated contract management for purchase, sale, lease, permissions or compensation.

We collect not only the essential key data of the contracts but also costs, incomes, deadlines and resubmissions for you. There is also an overview of all person who are involved in a contract. There is also an automatic generation of references for all systems, for example to correct leaseholds or for plausibility checks. All those functions allow you extensive analysis and structured output of your data with just one mouse click. NRM LIS supports you to speed your business processes significantly.

NRM LIS at a glance:

  • Support in portfolio maintenance
  • Support to perform transport operations and to determine their costs
  • Management of income and expenses
  • Extensive options for query and analysis of factual and graphic data
  • Access to ALKIS
  • Processing of document containers (text files, graphics, websites)
  • Historization of base objects
  • Contract management
  • Creation of protection zones, compensation surfaces and determining of owners  – as well as taking on these data from ALKIS. You can also include your own data.

Real situation of the land register

NRM LIS shows the real situation of the land register completely and with a visualization of the data protection.


Integrated management of contracts

NRM LIS includes a management of contracts to support its users in all work processes.


You can color economic units, plots and contracts to any criteria and have many supportive functions in NRM LIS.

Connection to WebGIS

You can also visualize and maintain your data from NRM LIS in our WebGIS solution.

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