GC KANiO Viewer

The GC KANiO Viewer is the ideal addition to KANiO® or KANiO mobile app of HST Systemtechnik. GC KANiO Viewer allows in an easy and feature-rich manner a map centric presentation of your sewerage and supply network with all equipment and buildings. Orders and activity reports can be seen clearly on the GIS map.  

A special feature is the opportunity to display further elements, like dimensioning or border of property and other geo data (ALKIS, aerial views e.g.) besides the complete network of pipes, tubes, cables and other equipment.  

Other fundamental features of the GC KANiO Viewer are for example memo functions for notes about network changes or special local circumstances directly in the map. Furthermore, you can use this product online and offline to work with it in your back office as well as in mobile commissioned work. Important for the development has been the usability. Most inputs can be done on a tablet by touch or pen.  

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