StraßenWith the Federal Highway Information System (BISStra), the federal state solution NWSIB for North Rhine-Westphalia and GC SIB for districts and municipalities, GIS Consult offers a wide range of solutions on the subject of 'roads'...

Public Utility / Waste disposal companies

Ver-/EntsorgerComplex industrial companies are often a „city‟ in themselves in terms of their size. Countless cables or pipelines with a variety of media must be securely operated and monitored. Our products listed below provide solutions for this...

Property and Real Estate

icon liegenschaftlerWell-known real estate companies such as the German market leader Vonovia for example successfully manage their properties using GIS Consult real estate applications (GC LIS).

Public administration

Public administrationAs diverse as the spatial tasks in public administration are, so extensive are the solutions GIS provide for this. Sophisticated GIS standard applications...

Products and solutions for geo-information systems

GIS Consult is the partner for solutions for geo-information systems for industry, public authorities, network operators and local authorities when it comes to geo-relevant data. The product range extends from a roads database, property information system (LIS), ALKIS, a tree register, urban development planning, network documentation (FTTx, gas, sewers, electricity, water) and a land seals register to individually prepared solutions for controlling workflow in roads maintenance, site documentation and maintenance for eye baths and showers in the chemical industry, or to online planning information for network operators.

Numerous ideas and suggestions have been developed in our customers’ projects, which hundreds of employees from the most diverse industries and regions rely on today. Whether these are OGC-compliant SOM’s for Smallworld, or a WebGIS that relies completely on Open Source components such as PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenLayers and GeoExt.

GIS Consult concentrates on the customer’s productivity and efficiency. Regardless of whether he wants to optimize documentation for his network of power lines or pipelines (gas, sewers, electricity, water, FTTx), would like to document, manage and expand the roads network as a federal authority, or would like to monitor upgrading for a complex rail network node as a public limited company. GIS Consult always has the right answer.

Standard products from well-known manufacturers such as GE Smallworld or Oracle are included here, as are established products from the Open Source community. Throughout our company’s history, we have accumulated extensive know-how in the areas of integration, migration, development, documentation and implementation for more than 25 years and – with currently more than 55 employees – are happy to pass this on to our customers.

Service for our GIS products

By concluding a maintenance contract you are placing your trust in professional and flexible support for your geo-information systems. We have our own support organisation, which currently services over 100 customers throughout Germany.

Our centralized telephone call-database ensures efficient and reliable problem solving and provides our customers with up-to-date status information at any time via a web interface. If necessary, we switch directly to our customers' systems via remote maintenance in order to solve problems as quickly as possible and in dialogue.

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