GC ALKIS Add-ons-Bundle

Our GC ALKIS Add-ons consists of four extensions for our NRM ALKIS data model


ALKIS data is very extensive but not allways able to evaluate in the requested manner. The query for plots and their owners is difficult to find via plot, booked as, booking office, name number and person. Other queries, like plots and their buildings, are not possible at all.  

Our ALKIS AUSWERTUNG offers to create interim tables with results. Therefore you only have to initiate given procedures via a click on the surface. The configuration file for this is compiled in GC Joins 

The interim tables offer 

  • an easy access to data – you don´t have to know the devoured paths.  
  • A quick result („relation“ is already part of the table) 
    You can get the interim tables when you create a GC SpOT request for plots e.g. on the SpOT-page object selection you can find next to the known attributes also those who are called (cache) – those are the interim tables.  

Requirement: You need an appropriate query tool like GC SpOT to evaluate the interim tables from GC ALKIS AUSWERTUNG 


GC ALKIS GEBÄUDESCHRAFFUR offers 3 new menu options to show ALKIS buildings:  

  • ALKIS: The presentation is colorful, like in ALKIS defined 
  • Only hatching: The hatching reminds on old cadastral maps 
  • ALKIS + hatching: a joint presentation of ALKIS colour and hatching  


GC ALKIS NUTZUNGSART is a new object class that automatically adds objects from usage – vegetation, usage – traffic, usage – water and usage – estate.  


With GC ALKIS ZEITANALYSE you can show changes in the ALKIS database:  

  • You define the start and end point, and the system shows all changed, deleted and newly inserted ALKIS database objects for this period.  
  • You can see the new, changed and historicized ALKIS data of the used period in different slides. Within this slides, the objects are assigned to the particular object class.  
  • Through the list of results you can show, select and brighten single objects.  

The result can be used at other points in GIS via the Smallworld clipboard.  

Requirements: Informations of a Smallworld ALKIS database (NRM ALKIS) are evaluated. Different periods of data have to be available, what means that the ALKIS data has to be imported over the NBA-Method (ALKIS with history). In that case the objects have different time stamps (start and end of object live time) these are the base for an evaluation.  

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