Geoinformation systems for property management

GIS Consult supports with their spatial tools and analysis methods for over 20 years leading real estate companies Germany wide. Huge customizing options of our basic tools enable us to create LIS solutions (property solutions) that are focused on the customers’ needs and a maximum added value. We create workflow and process orientated support systems for decisions inside property business that are integrated in the business information and IT structure.

For municipal property companies, our solutions offer substantial synergy potentials, within a transparent and efficient supply of property data for the finance balance preparation (NKF: New municipal finance management).

In many projects GIS Consult has integrated existent ERP systems like SAP into geoinformation systems.

Famous estate companies like the German market leader Vonovia manage their properties successfully with the property tool NRM LIS.

Selected issues show the added value of property analysis with spatial tools:

Site survey

A property’s location defines its market opportunities. Investments and project plannings need detailed and objective knowledge about the location qualities. Thanks to the amount of basic data and the methodical competence, you can not only valuate single objects but enable complex mass valuations, too.


For object optimizing, benchmark data from the local real estate market and specific industry knowledge are combined. Based on this data, portfolios are analyzed, valued and optimized.

Feasibility Studies

Real estate economic and special location facts influence the sustainability, especially of the equipment. Based on detailed analysis, recommendations of the marketability of projects or objects are created.

Utilization concepts

The changes in modern society require innovative solutions on the real estate market. With forward-looking and user-oriented concepts and strategies, specific sustainable and stable utilization concepts are created, that are based on the location and market situations.

Forecast models

Sales forecasts show the intrinsic value of individual locations. They are created via marked distribution calculations that enable conclusions of the possible rents.

The GIS based solutions of our data model NRM LIS offers our customers high quality planning and control instruments. These create high potential in structure analysis, status report and target definition.

  • Local and sectoral market structures for portfolio properties
  • German wide trends in the real estate market
  • Estimates and prognoses
  • Industry basic report
  • Sales and money volume of all important real estate submarkets on a small specific level


The product NRM ALKIS is based on Smallworld GIS and supports to integrate data retention and information retrieval of land register data in the data model ALKIS. It is ideal for energy suppliers and municipalities that need the land register data as a base layer for their GIS.



The product NRM LIS is our software for documentation, management and analysis of properties. Our NRM LIS Erfassungsassistent (aquisition assistant) combines all important tables for aquisition, continuation and linked objects in a clear manner and with an easy configurable interface.

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