Municipal street database

GC SIB is the municipal street database with many functions like status, surface, an accounting system called Doppik, inventory, traffic signs, dedication, light and construction layers. Inspired by OKSTRA, GC SIB has two referencing levels, a node-edge model and an area model.  

GC SIB includes longtime experience in developing IT systems for road administration departments (the Federal Government and the Federal States e.g.) and research works for OKSTRA municipal. The OKSTRA-municipal-interface to GC SIB is an innovative feature in the market settings.  

You can map the finely faceted municipal road systems on the referencing layer of street areas either by the standard section method or by the documentation of real area polygons. Besides a big number of functions, the web-information desk allows us to get technical data from every workplace or to support processes like interactive excavation coordination e.g.  

Documentation of status and surface 

Status detection allows us to manage campaigns and to get a historical view of them. It also supports the rules of EEMI (2003 and 2012).   

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Management of construction layers 

GC SIB enables us to describe the road structure. Therefore, you specify different construction layers like kind of layer, material, automatic volume calculation and many more.  

Action management

Every object, for example status, has an action management. This can be an extensive road reconstruction or a regular control of traffic lights. GC SIB enables to document everything that causes costs on, in and around a street. You can evaluate single sections or sum up the whole road.  

Street equipment  

A road cadaster does not only have to evaluate the state of the roads, it needs also to document the street equipment. Based on the guidelines of the traffic regulations, the system contains the traffic signs categorized as prohibition-, danger-, aiming and regulation signs – inclusively the numbers of traffic regulations. Furthermore, you can present the effective range of traffic signs and the system contains already street equipment like gullies, bicycle stands, pedestrian crossings, bus stops and many more. You can place all street equipment freely or precisely via station and section.  

Project solutions  

Based on projects for customers, solutions for integrated departure cadasters with visualization of departure type, guarantee, builder e.g. were developed or an excavation coordination with web-based statements and determination of all participants.  

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