GC Integration Officer

Integrate any external data model

Increase the benefits of your Smallworld GIS platform by integrating existing database solutions and specialist applications.  

The GC Integration Officer is a powerful tool to enable Smallworld users to integrate any external data model. You first select the database format from a constantly growing number of supported data sets, then compile the tables for the GIS, set the relationships and determine the appearance and scope of the GIS editor.  


With the GC Integration Officer you can enable users to evaluate or edit GIS related data in a PostGIS or MySQL database without migrating the data pool.

Logos MySQL und PostGIS

Integrate the data form 

With the GC Integration Officer, data sets in the file formats Shape or GeoPackage can be integrated to get analysis in combination with Smallworld data e.g. 

Quick integration  

You need only a few mouse clicks to evaluate and edit the GIS-relevant tables of a relational database application in the GIS. In addition, the configuration interface can be handled intuitively.  

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