PostGIS in geoinformation systems

PostGIS in GIS

 is a powerful and flexible spatial database solution for companies and organizations to organize and analyze their geodata in an efficient way. It is an extension of the OpenSource database PostgreSQL, that provides special functions and tools for the organization and analysis of geodata.

PostGIS allows to process big quantity of data quick and lossless. This is based on the usage of indices and optimized queries. Furthermore, you have a wide range of spatial functions and tools to enable complex analyses, to calculate distances, areas or volumes e.g.

Another benefit of PostGIS ist hat you don’t have license fees, because it’s an OpenSource solution. Companies of all sizes and sectors can benefit from PostGIS without high costs for proprietary software. A seamless integration to other geoinformation systems like GeoServer or QGIS is possible, too.

PostGIS is the perfect choice if you`re searching for a reliable and cost effective spatial enabled OpenSource solution. Contact us for more information about our PostGIS-service. We help you to optimize your business processes.

Our service

GIS Consult offers services and tools (Baum/Grün/Straße/Spielplatz e.g.) for geoinformation systems and PostGIS. We are specialists in developing and implementing GIS that fits the individual needs of our customers perfectly. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we can offer you a high range of services to optimize your business processes and to increase your competitiveness.

Some of our strengths are, for example, the analysis of data and the strategy development for geodata analysis and processing.

As experts for PostGIS, we can support you to develop and implement PostgreSQL-databases and -applications.

We have huge expertise in the creation of spatial databases and the usage of spatial queries. GIS Consult supports you to optimize your databases and applications. Bring your data processing to the next level!

Thanks to our applications for infrastructure management, we support many customers with PostGIS based tools and products. We run these solutions on a central server (online or offline in sales force) and in our hosting.

Our product GC ED Exporter enables you to automatically create data models from the Smallworld GIS data in PostGIS and to fill these models with data, styles, visibilities and many more. This process can be used incrementally after the first selection. The PostGIS data pool is combined with our own solutions, external programs or QGIS. Thanks to the timestamp-based object model and the inspiration from field-standardizations like FLL, OKSTRA and DIN, our solutions are a novelty on the current market.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our services. We help you to optimize your business processes and competitiveness! 

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