Consultation and service about QGIS

QGIS is an OpenSource software for the processing and analysis of geodata and its supported by an active community of developers and users worldwide. QGIS is a powerful and flexible geoinformation system that enables companies, authorities and other organizations an effective processing of geodata and the creation of maps and analyses.

GIS Consult offers consultations and services about QGIS to enable our customers to use the full potential of this powerful software.

We advise, train and support the complete usage of QGIS and other OpenSource products like GeoServer or QGIS Field that are based on QGIS.

Our product GC ED Exporter allows you to use data from Smallworld GIS together with data model, styles and more inside an automatically generated PostgreSQL database. This PostgreSQL database can be the base for QGIS projects as well as for our offline/online usable network query agent for municipal utilities or in municipal areas with municipal topics.

QGIS is a registered trademark from QGIS.ORG

Within a customer project, GIS Consult already developed a unique homogenization approach for supply network companies based on QGIS. Furthermore, we have an experienced and able expert team which develops innovative solutions for your projects. Contact us for more information on how we can support you to implement QGIS-solutions and improve your processes regarding geodata.

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