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To use their own FTTx-data networks is profitable for companies but it also needs solutions for management of empty conduits as well as analysis, planning, documentation and activity of fiber-optic network. Furthermore, the country supports the expansion of broadband networks.  


Fiber-optic technology is a quickly growing and profitable market, because it enables a quick and reliable data transmission of all kinds of information (video, internet, e.g.), based on a high data capacity. Until now, buildings on the last part of a network were mostly copper conductors or coaxial cables, instead of fiber-optic networks, connected. FTTx closes the line via a direct connection with fiber-optic to the end consumers – in every house and up to the connection socket. 

Companies that are interested in using fiber-optic technology as well can use existing cable conduits. Fiber-optic networks could be rented to telecommunication and cable television companies as well as used for own data traffic. This enables utilities for example to read electricity meters remote.  


Our experience is customers have just different and isolated solutions for planning, documentation and operation of FTTx-networks so far. This means for us that an ideal solution of more FTTx-networks should include the following conditions:  

  • Just one software to analyze, plan, document and run the complete fiber-optic network.  
  • A simultaneous availability of all data for further planning, analysis, documentation and service. All employees can see the latest version of every process phase alphanumerical and graphical. Furthermore, the software should simplify the building of complex fiber-optic networks via automated processes.  
  • This enables only software that is based on a database and without interfaces – otherwise you have redundant data keeping, high maintenance effort and higher training costs.  
  • A FTTx-network should be included in the already used GIS software – the mapping of the available supply and drain system (electricity, gas, water…) included. This enables planning to be cost-efficient, useful and general because all existing routes, empty conduits and equipment of all networks are available.  

This enables us to coordinate joint expansion and maintenance and huge cost benefits! 


A FTTx-solution should enable a quick information-request and extensive analysis at any time – no matter if it is about information of net wiring, logical views, available free ports, capacities of fiber optic cables or the analysis of new FTTx-supply areas based on sociodemographic data (building density e.g.), claims or the spatial arrangement of empty conduits.  


Via mapping the whole process circle in one software, it is always possible to add analyses of the current network (electricity, gas, water…) to the planning. For further planning of the FTTx-network planned elevations and maintenance for the existing fiber-optic network could be used. This integration is also ideal for development areas, to coordinate all newly needed equipment or to open smaller FTTx-zones because of changed cost structures. It is also useful to work with different planning alternatives to enable comparisons.  


All orders for needed measurements should be generated automated via workflow–management – for new constructions, expansions and as well for the whole maintenance together with patch and shunting orders.  


The documentation of fiber-optic networks should be gapless and clear, with all layers of shafts, distributors, empty conduits, seed pipes and fiber optic cables – alphanumerical and graphical. The whole network should be mapped including georeferenced building plans. Single equipment like control cabinets is displayed true to scale.  


A FTTx-solution should support the intern and extern service accountings, for example for renting the FTTx-network.  

GIS Consults FTTx-solution  

This software includes the whole cycle of planning till operation. It includes network-planning and  -documentation and it is already available! Talk to us, we can advise you!  

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