GC Grabungskoordinierung

Digging coordination in municipal infrastructure

Digging coordination in a municipal infrastructure is crucial to minimize the effects of civil engineering works on urban transport, residents and other important infrastructures. GC Grabungskoordinierung supports you to manage instructions, get a full digital status-insight and control the guarantee. Additional to GC Grabungskoordinierung supports you the construction site management. You can also manage the statements of other departments and plan or coordinate smaller and bigger projects by the coordination gantry.  

Your benefits:  

  • Coordinate all involved parties: GC Grabungskoordinierung supports the collaboration between all involved authorities, utilities, contractors and other relevant stakeholders. This successful coordination enables efficient planning and implementation of digging.  
  • Timing: Goal is to implement digging in the municipal infrastructure during times of low impact of traffic or other important activities. This can include the attention of peak times, events and other planned construction works.  
  • Communication with the public: It is important to inform residents and the public about planned diggings. GC Grabungskoordinierung allows a quick overview of all planned and current traffic disruptions.  
  • Traffic management: During disruptions of the municipal infrastructure is an effectively traffic control important to enable the traffic flow and to minimize traffic jam. This can include lines for detours or alternate transport. GC Grabungskoordinierung gives you a quick overview of roadworks and diggings and allows you to mutual dependences quickly.  
  • Quality assurance and security: GC Grabungskoordinierung guarantees to comply with all safety standards (traffic regulations). This includes also the quality controls of performed work to enable a correct restoration of surface and infrastructure.  
  • Control of guarantee: The guaranty control in road construction is an important process to ensure that all performed work complies with the arranged standards and work long dated. GC Grabungskoordinierung gives an overview of soon expired guarantees that are included in the standard checks of the roads so that warranty claims can be made in time. This saves money and possible premature restructuring measures or extend further procedures to the traffic.  
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