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Webbased information query

For energy suppliers, it needs sometimes significant capacities and underestimated costs to give information about the position of their pipes and their equipment. Furthermore, you have special rules for the online plan information (GW 118 and S-118) to be hedged against claims for damages. 

GC Planauskunft reduces the administrative expense for operators via a web based provision of all functions that are needed for an information query. It is easy to use, intuitive and the technology is field-tested.  

Functions of GC Planauskunft  

This are the base functions: The registered applicant logs in on the operator’s homepage and keys project-specific information. These are for example customer-specific requests, the needed information range (address), reason for query and the time slot for activity.  

Based on the mentioned address navigates the system automated to the place of plan information. Within the shown map section is either an effective area with standard-expansion generated or the applicant can use a redlining-function to add the construction project on his own.   

Now the operator has all needed data to develop a statement with all important aspects about the specific situations (current inventory plan, rules, processes). All informations, that are needed for the plan information, are collected, archived and sent electronically to the applicant in one process. You need only a few mouse clicks to select the wanted sections from the plans and drawings and to print them as a PDF.  

Legal and data security

GC Planauskunft works legal certain and uses accepted rules (GW 118, S-118). To prevent unwanted access, only registered users can work with the online plan information – using a password and only reachable for a limited period. The information for each construction project is stored in a database and every sent plot is archived as a PDF. You can also comprehend for every requester, when which data was sent to him.  

Produkt auf verschiedenen Endgeräten


GC Planauskunft is based on GC OSIRIS-technology that is directly and quickly available via the internet and intranet. You only need a softwareinstallation on a server. Thereafter all employees and justified customers can use GC Planauskunft. Furthermore applicable standards (OGC conformity with WMS, WFS, WFS-T and WCS e.g.) are the basis for GC Planauskunfts success. 


You can integrate GC Planauskunft easy in the existing IT, for example in special systems with data bases like DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access or ORACLE. This enables to display data in GC Planauskunft and to edit them via justified employees. Furthermore you can expand GC Planauskunft through different solutions. For example you can insert web-information queries like ALIZ or BIL eG. Also a integration of GC Planauskunft in a document management system (DMS) with all plan informations is possible. 
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