Pi NOTE form Esders

Pi NOTE from Esders is an intuitive instrument to locate leaks of gas pipes. Users get an efficient GIS based client that documents the GPS position and measurement data of the instrument and has many more functions.  

Via Bluetooth users easily connect the instrument with external GPS receivers and can get access to the needed data. Pi NOTE can find, document and classify defects, leaks and not started sectors (house connections e.g.). The software can also create sketches of damage on-site. Furthermore, Pi NOTE has options for data evaluation and analyses. Users can export and analyze the data in different file types to get important information. The analysis options include the valuation of leaks, identification of problematic areas, creation of reports and many more.  

The mobile client

The mobile client allows a continious recording of gas levels due to a bluetooth data connection to the instrument. You can also connect an external GPS receiver for positioning via Bluetooth. The gas supply network is the basis for the map, it must be imported to the software first. Positions where a targeted alarm level is crossed, are received and registered. Track layout, positions of data entries and crossings of alarm levels are received via GPS and marked into a map.  

This allows an easy way to document and archive damages and their causes. Moreover you can include other data like sensitivity check of the instrument, date, time, defects, notes or accessible and non-accessible areas (house connections e.g.). With just a few steps, you can create and – depending on the used Adobe-version – sign digitally a damage report as PDF, that is based on the classified and documented leaks.  

Screenshot Produkt

The analysis client  

The analysis client supports you to implement further evaluations based on your own specifications. For example you can unite data from different mobile clients, rework, filter and visualize. With just a few clicks you can export the united data as PDF, CSV or Shape data.  

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