For industry, public administration, network operators and local government GIS Consult is the solution partner for geoinformation systems and georeferenced data. Working with different dimensions of geodata is our daily business. For over 25 years, we have grown an expelled competence in the field of geodata warehouse, ALKIS, homogenization, road data and management systems, web systems, interfaces and SOA-architecture. Together with our customers we determine the problems. Based on our experiences and thanks to coaching in the form of interviews, we offer our customers different tailor-made and successful solutions. To support the decision making, we create proof of concepts. Furthermore, the mentoring of award decisions via consulting, development of performance specifications and professional support of bidders’ meetings are also parts of our portfolio. Our wealth of experience is high enough for professional support and the allocation of Europe-wide tenders worth 25 million euro, too. 


Here is an example how our consultations work:

1. Analyse der bestehenden GIS-Infrastruktur und -Anwendungen

  • Valuation of the current GIS systems and databases
  • Identification of weak points and optimization potentials
  • Verification of data quality and data integrity

2. Development of a GIS strategy and conception 

  • Interview with the user to define the goals and requirements for the GIS system
  • Working out a concept for the integration of different GIS applications
  • Determination or selection of standards and guidelines for the GIS data retention and management

3. Selection and implementation of a suitable GIS system

  • Performance of a market analysis and selection of the suitable system
  • Planning and performing the system implementation

4. Data migration and integration

  • Transferring the current GIS data into the new system
  • Integration of external data sources and formats
  • Assuring the data consistency and currency

5. Quality assurance and control

  • Implementation of processes to control the data quality
  • Implementation of steps for error detection and correction
  • Implementation of regular audits and reviews

6. Training and support

  • Conception of training steps
  • Determination of support structure

7. Project management and documentation 

  • Planning, management and monitoring of the whole project process
  • Development of project documentations and reports
  • Implementation of regular status meetings and reports
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