GC Baumkataster

Tree control based on FLL-standard

GC Baumkataster supports you to perform and document tree controll based on FLL-standards. It includes all aspects of tree controll and public safety. You can capture and evaluate all steps in the intuitive user interface – from the tree basic recording to the tree standard controll and implementation of analysis or measures. You can use GC Baumkataster on your desktop workplace and mobile during control or for evaluation and order of measures. Controls that are received on mobile devices, are collected on a central database and available at any time.  

Mobile collection  

Based on our GC OSIRIS, data on different devices can be collected, controlled and evaluated. Depending on the individual application, you can use a tablet and a desktop workplace e.g. 

Produkt auf verschiedenen Endgeräten

Digitized workprocesses  

Digitize this work process and make standard controls paperless. It safes you time, money and ressources – from disposition to answer on-site.  

Digital tree collection  

Besides background informations in the form of cadastral data, point geometries of the collectred trees are visualized at the same time. Furthermore you can display single object attributes in the editor.  

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