Smallworld GIS

Smallworld GIS is a software platform for geoinformation systems, developed by GE Vernova. Smallworld GIS enables you to measure, manage, analyze and visualize spatial data that is used in a company or organization. The platform has a lot of functions that enable users to create and edit spatial data as well as to import and export them into different data or to visualize them in an intuitive user surface. Furthermore, it supports integrating data from different sources, like satellite images or GPS systems for example.

Smallworld has progressive functions for data analysis and modelling, like network analysis, routing and geocoding of addresses. These functions can support the planning of infrastructure projects, management of assets or the optimization of business processes.

The platform is scalable and can be customized to the needs of companies in every size. You can host the data on local servers or in a cloud. Moreover, Smallworld GIS has an interface to integrate other business applications.

Smallworld GIS is a powerful and reliable solution for businesses and organizations that want to manage spatial data. The platform is used in different sectors like utilities, public administrations, property management and road management.

Smallworld components

In Smallworld GIS different components work together to create a complete geoinformations system. These modules are:

  1. Smallworld Core Spatial Technology: This technology is the core of the platform. It is a comprehensive database that can save all kinds of geodata (vector and raster data as well as point clouds). It contains also functions for data management, data analysis and data modelling.
  2. Smallworld Core Web Services: This component is a webservice interface to integrate Smallworld GIS with other applications.
  3. Smallworld Internet Application Server (IAS): The IAS is a web application that enables users to use Smallworld GIS via the Internet or Intranet. It has an intuitive user surface to visualize, analyze and model data.
  4. Smallworld Design and Optimization Tools: This component has tools for planning, designing and optimizing infrastructure projects. It includes for example functions like network analysis, routing and geocoding.
  5. Smallworld Product Suite: The Smallworld Product Suite is a collection of special applications that are based on Smallworld GIS and developed for special industries. It supports for example the telecommunications, utility, transport and logistics sectors.

Our Smallworld products

One main point of our products for geoinformation systems is their user comfort. The philosophy of GIS Consult is, that all our products harmonize with each other to enable a consistent user experience.


Our Smallworld data models

Based on the GE Smallworld technology, we developed data models for different topics, like ALKIS, FTTx, property management, sealing cadaster, road databases and urban land-use planning (BPLAN, FNP). Our round about 60 developers maintain and refine these models continuously.

Web and mobiles GIS

GIS web solutions and mobile data access to spatial data are more and more important for municipalities and utilities to support their workflows. For this, we combine proprietary OpenSource technology whenever this combination can increase efficiency and usage.

GIS Consult is your certified Smallworld partner for product development, maintenance and services in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

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