NRM District Heating

Plan and manage district heating pipelines in a clever way

The data module NRM District Heating supports energy suppliers to document, manage, plan and expand their district heating pipelines in different scales. It also allows to document smaller units inside the grid and you can display detailed increases of building insides. This enables you to document the pipelines from producer to consignee.

You can organize your equipment in

  • Grids/producers
  • Routes
  • Pipelines
  • Mounting parts
  • Units
  • Monitoring
  • Consumer


By default, the media types hot water, steam and cold are available. You can add more attribute fields to get also the equipment statistics from your grid. Clear object relations make it possible to work with interfaces in applications like ERP and network calculation.

Pipe networks

Main part of a network documentation via NRM District Heating is the recording of pipe networks. You can display the individual pipeline sections according to their functions. The special functions of the pipeline sections can be displayed, for example clearance and ventilation.

Route presentation and documentation

The pipes allow to map the geometrical position of the pipelines. It is possible because of the allocation of standard cross sections that visualize the function, normal size, horizontal distance from route and altitude difference to the route. The position of contorted route sections is displayed correctly, too. Another advantage is, that you can customize pipeline sections automatically and manually. Furthermore you can assign documented buildings numerous functions, for example lock buildings or network stations. The GIS data is linked to the system documentation via interfaces.

Piping control and network tracking

Monitoring devices allow you to locate leaks electronically. The following systems are supported for piping control:

  • Hierarchical system (HDW, Kelit-P)
  • North system
  • System Brandes, Isoplus and more

Via piping control you can for example evaluate the supplied house connections toghter with close lock-options. This is possible because of the topogical basis of the recorded geometries in Smallworld GIS and because of the query of factual data.

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