Easy comprehensively object class queries

GC SpOT enables you to create easy and comprehensive object class queries. All functions can be used easily by a menu control and the structured editor distribution. Based on a special database technique, GC SpOT is a high-performance database query tool and enables comprehensive object class queries within Smallworld GIS 

Standard queries

The standard queries enable every user to perform complex predefined queries – no special database and query skills needed! Beforehand an experienced user creates and saves the queries and then every user can use these parameterized queries.   

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Based on the GC Web Clients, you can retrieve and use the standard queries that you define in GC SpOT via the GIS Consult GC SpOT web service. This enables many options to customize special queries. As a GIS user, you can frame these queries and activate them in the web on your own.  

Geometric analysis 

The possibility for geometric analysis is a special extension of our GC SpOT. This function determines geometric intersections between a reference and a intersection geometry. Moreover you can transformt he intersections to real GIS objects.  

How an object query works

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