OpenStreetMap as a high-quality, topical and free background map

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an international project, founded in 2004. Its goal is to create a free world map. OSM collects worldwide data about roads, railways, rivers, forests, buildings and everything else, that you can generally find on maps.  

Free background maps  

OSM has grown to a serious alternative to paid map services in Germany. You can see that the direct integration of OSM into existing GIS infrastructures is increasing.  

Produkt auf verschiedenen Endgeräten

Local service

GC OSM SOM enables to search for adresses via integrating the NOMINATIM-search service. This service also allows to search for other (alternative) location names.  


Via SOC-configuration, GC OSM SOM enables a quick and easy connection of OSM datasources and creates access to topical and free background maps.  

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