GC Versiegelungskataster

Digitize the administration process of your sealing cadaster

GC Versiegelungskataster supports municipal administrations to comply with legal provisions that require a separation between waste water and rain water when it comes to charging.  

GC Versiegelungskataster is a complex Smallworld-solution that covers the complete administration process between seal-documentation and creation of form letters (temporary notification of charges). For example, you can create key date conclusions or update seals and compensatory measures in the system, directly during the construction. The created data can be continued and seamless integrated into a municipal infrastructure. This enables a continuous process. Integrated alternative measures are considered, too.  

GC Versiegelungskataster enables to document all cultivated, attached and sealed areas, depending on how they induce to public wastewater systems.  

Some municipalties have caveats concerning fee splitting, even though it enables a fairer levy of sewage fee because of its consumer principle. This caveats are unfoundet: Predominant arise costs only during the implementation. Based on precolation of rain water, a low capacity of chanels and treatment plants could even lower sewage fees. Furthermore less rainwater retention basins would be needed. Moreover exist rules and, based on it, call to actions to the municipals. Based on its semi-automated character, GC Versiegelungskataster enables fee splitting quick and inexpensive.  


  • Automated and manual creation of sealing cadasters  
  • Combination of sealing area and owner informations from ALKIS 
  • All administration-processes included 
  • Integration of network papers 
  • Continuation of data  

Ownership shares and discounts  

During the formation of economic units and the determining of fee relevant areas, ownership shares are considered as well as discounts relating to partial seepage, green roofs, use of tanks e.g. 


Visualization of the complete administrative process  

GC Versiegelungskataster not only allows you to create a record date result once, but to permanently edit and continue the data, too. It visualizes the complete administrative process from sealing documentation up to creating form letters (for example for notifications of charges).  

Data maintenance included  

You don`t need a continuation license to maintain the data. If you want to implementate on a current instellation, we support you at any time.  

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