Welcome to GIS Consult

Our history

GIS Consult was raised in 1996 from the long-standing mainstream publicly appointed surveyor office “Schwartz & Partner”. We have 100 employees in Haltern am See, Erfurt, GIS Consult Nord in Kiel and GIS Consult Benelux in Hasselt.

Realize customer goals

We want to give our customers the promised solutions and high quality. Good service and fair contact with our customers are part of this. We need to understand our customers' problems and goals to develop the ideal solution for them.

Continuous improvement

A continuous improvement and further development of all processes supports us in keeping our products and services marketable. Regular training is an essential condition for the use of the latest technology. Error prevention goes over troubleshooting. But we tolerate failures that help us to learn.

Our employees are our success

Important for our competitiveness is the success of our company. The basis for this is entrepreneurial experience and engaged, informed and qualified employees. Satisfied customers are a main condition for a stable result and create essential references for further businesses.

Secure and healthy work

Together we want to ensure working conditions in our company that enable our employees to work securely, healthy and successful. That includes secure and ergonomic tools, workplaces and workflows.

Protection of the environment

The protection of the environment and the economical handling of our natural resources are very important for us. We oblige us to be sustainable. Our goal is the harmony between economy and ecology.

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