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As a company for applied geoinformation systems, we are your partner for sophisticated GIS and database projects. We focus our products and solutions on public administration, roadsolutions and property information systems as well as on industry and energy and utility companies.

With more than 80 employees at the headquarter in Haltern am See and the branches in Erfurt, Kiel (as GC Nord) and Hasselt Belgium (as GC Benelux), we currently support over 200 customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in the Benelux area with several thousand GIS and WebGIS workstations.

Our specialists have proven their expertise in many successful projects. Projects with a volume of up to €5 million speak for themselves in this context. It is important to us to develop each specific task and solution together with the customer. This individual approach by GIS Consult has led to excellent results with high customer satisfaction in the past.

GIS Consult

GIS Consult LLC emerged in 1996 from the long-established surveyor`s office Schwartz & Partner. We started with about twelve employees and have growon since then continously.
Logo GIS Consult Nord

GIS Consult Nord

On April 1, 2019 GIS Consult Nord in Kiel started as a subsidiary of GIS Consult. Within a short time, our team in Kiel grew to include additional GIS experts with many years of experience in Smallworld GIS, industry data models, web applications, interfaces and integration solutions. In 2022 we welcomed our first trainee in Kiel.
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GIS Consult Benelux

With the founding of GIS Consult Benelux, GIS Consult LLC has expanded its presence and offering to the Benelux market. GIS Consult Benelux focuses on supporting your geo-related business processes through permanent solutions and their implementation and management in your organization. GIS Consult Benelux not only supports sophisticated software products. It also uses the knowledge and expertise that GIS Consult LLC has been able to build up over the last few decades in its home market through successful software products and services for utility companies and authorities.
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GIS Consult Erfurt

GIS Consult Erfurt was founded in 2016 as the first regional branch. Manfred Schubert and his team of experienced GIS developers and creators support you in Erfurt with fundamental GIS and database knowhow.

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Company goals

Entrepreneurial success

The success of our company depends crucially on our competitiveness. The base for this is entrepreneurial experience as well as committed, informed and qualified employees. Satisfied customers are the essential prerequisite for stable results and represent indispensable references for further dealings.

Realize customer goals

We want to provide our customers with high-quality solutions that meet the promised properties. Good service and a friendly, cooperative relationship with customers are a matter of course for us. We want to understand our customers problems and goals to be able to develop optimal solutions.

Open and appreciative collaboration

Our collaboration is characterized by mutual respect, trust, cooperative interaction and open communication behavior. We can only deliver our best performance in a good working atmosphere in which we treat each other upright.

Safe and healthy work

In our company, we want to ensure working conditions for safe, healthy and successful work. This includes flawless work equipment, workplaces and work processes. Employees are empowered to behave safely and healthily. Occupational safety is a task of the company management, which is actively supported by all employees.

Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement and further development of all processes helps us to keep our products and services marketable. Regular postgraduate training is an essential prerequisite for the use of the most modern technology. Avoiding errors comes before eliminating errors. But we tolerate mistakes that help us to learn.

Protection of the environment

Protecting the environment and using our natural resources sparingly is a key concern for us. We are committed to sustainability. Our goal is the harmony of economy and ecology.