NRM Electricity

Digital from the electricity injection points to the points of use

The data model NRM Electricity for Smallworld is based on the needs of energy suppliers to document their equipment in a comprehensive way. Tools like automation and visualization technologies allow you to optimize the processes for operation, maintenance management and analysis of the network easily. Thanks to a combination of simple operation and intuitive functions, users need little training before they start to work with NRM Electricity. Outstanding is the representation of individual or parallel running cable sections.

This data model maps the whole flow of energy from the injection point of electricity to the points of use – disconnect conditions of the grid inclued. Planned power supplies can be fully integrated into the existing network, too.

Like in real life, NRM Electricity differentiates between

  • High voltage
  • Medium voltage
  • Low voltage
  • Lightning
  • Telecommunications and information network

To ensure a high level of flexibility and data quality, you can configure the catalogues company-specific.

Goal of the development of the data model is to realize the most universal and far-reaching usable „standard“ solution to cover all needs – something that NRM Electricty already achieves nowadays. By implementing future requirements, this product will constantly expand its scope.

High, medium and low voltage

NRM Electricity visualizes the different voltages in network (high, medium and low voltage included) and in Smallworld GIS.

Screenshot Fachschale

Station interior

NRM Electricity allows you to manage the interior of power stations. This includes different components for a safe and reliable operation of the power supplies, such as switchgears, transformers and protection systems.

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