NRM Wastewater

Manage and plan safely, economical and efficent

The data model NRM Wastewater is your key to an efficient documentation of complex sewer systems and for a perfect wastewater management based on DIN EN 752:2008-4. The included tools support a high-quality and sustainable data collection via NRM Wastewater.

Using the additional product “GC Kartografie”, content filters or intelligent reporting tools like “Operation Analyser Kanal”, allows you to determine the grids in a structured way. This also supports planning in a technical and economically useful way. Finally you can get additional interfaces to ensure data exchange with external programs.

Network logic and data model

NRM Wastewater maps the way of sewer from connection point to treatment plant. This data model is based on requirements and sets of rules for relevant EN-, DIN- and DWA standards and drainage systems outside of buildings.

The topological model supports to differentiate the construction status of pipes in

  • Planned
  • Under construction
  • In operation
  • Closed

You can also distinguish between

  • Rainwater
  • Wastewater
  • Mixed water

The documentation and rating of the dewatering processes „pressure drainage“ and „vacuum drainage“ is able via the additional module „drainage systems“.

Plans and drawings

The mapping of drainage systems is based on DIN 2425 and can be used for:

  • General plans
  • Inventory plans
  • Presentation of longitudinal sections

Mapping of holders and pressure pipeline

You can get backgroundinformation via cadasteral data and a visualization of the pipe geometries for holders and pressure pipelines at the same time. Moreover, is a parallel mapping of individual object attributes via editor possible. 


Analysis of networks

You need to set only a start point and an end point to ensure, that the system can automatically visualize a road course based on topologies.

Showing longitudinal section

After setting a start point and an end point, the system automatically shows a visualization of the slope between the two points.

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