Management of properties and buildings without media disruption

The product NRM ALKIS is based on Smallworld GIS and supports to integrate data retention and information retrieval of land register data in the data model ALKIS. It is ideal for energy suppliers and municipalities that need the land register data as a base layer for their GIS.

ALKIS (official informationesystem for real estate cadaster) is an important tool for property and building management in Germany. It is a central database with information about ownership, type of use, size and position of properties. It has also information about buildings and their properties.

ALKIS was introduced in 2010 and replaced the former forced real estate cadaster. It is a complex IT application, based on geodata infrastructure and operated by the survey and cadaster authorities of the German federal states.

These authorities levy and maintain the data for ALKIS. To ensure high accuracy and topicality of the data, they use the most modern survey technologies, such as satellite navigation and laser scanning.

ALKIS is for management of plots and buildings as important as for the planning and realizing of construction projects. Architects and civil engineers can get access to the ALKIS information, for example to determine the location and size of a property or to get building permits.

From 2024 on ALKIS data will also be available in GeoInfoDok 7.1 format.


NRM ALKIS contains the complete AFIS-ALKIS-ATKIS-data model.  In this data model the data of the real estate cadaster, the point data of the survey and the data of the typographical-cartographic state survey are available. 

Data analysis and complete history

Besides special analysis opportunities for ALKIS data you can also get the complete history of the cadastral data and evaluate them at any time.

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Data import

It takes only a few mouse clicks to import and export ALKIS data via NAS (standard-based exchange interface).

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