The currently most common OGC standards – All in One

The GE OGC SOM combines the GC WMS SOM and the GC WFS SOM. This means that WMS, WMTS and WFS are available in Smallworld GIS!

INSPIRE creates the legal European framework to make geodata from public authorities easily and standardized available for citizens, economy, science and administration. This is implemented by networking systems via OGC-compliant services.

Spatial map services are provided in a standardized manner over the Internet by using WMS- or WFS-servers. In addition to the OGC standard WMS also the WMTS API has been established and is supported by our GC WMS SOM.

Our GC WMS SOM is a module that is based on Java and has significant advantages towards the regular WMS SOM for Smallworld GIS: Especially the usability of the configuration, the output quality of plots (no limit of 1024 pixels) and the higher performance. By means of GC WFS SOM you can use these vector data also in Smallworld GIS and integrate their geometries and attribute values seamlessly.

Official GE-Digital-product

You can find our solutions GC WMS SOM and GC WFS SOM as a bundle named OGC SOM on the official GE-price list.

Screenshot Tool


You can integrate the connected WFS as an independent data source in the object class menu of Smallworld GIS.

Arbitrary background cards

With GC WMS SOM you can integrate arbitrary OGC-compliant WMS- and WFS-services as background cards in Smallworld GIS. Examples are

  • Cards for flood-prone areas
  • Cards about noise spreading
  • Cards about areas with protection status (nature reserve etc.)
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