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GIS Consult Erfurt…

…was founded in 2016 as the first regional branch. Manfred Schubert and his team of experienced GIS developers and creators support you in Erfurt with fundamental GIS and database knowhow.

we are…

  • geo-experts
  • computer scientists
  • data specialists
  • dreamers, thinkers and doers
  • cyclists, hikers, mountaineers, judokas, computer gamers and musicians
  • close to home and cosmopolitan

we make…

  • data analysis
  • creation of data models
  • data collection
  • software and data migration
  • programming and extension
  • troubleshooting and error correction
  • software administration, installation and maintenance
  • data base upgrades
  • user consulting and support
  • trainings

we work with…

  • geo data
  • Smallworld
  • Osiris, QGIS, GeoServer
  • Oracle, MySQL, PostGIS, MongoDB
  • Magik (and we “do magic”, too…)
  • Java, React, REST
  • ambition, humor and team spirit
  • together over 100 years of professional experience


Thomas Hermes
Thomas Hermes
Phone: (+49) 23 64 – 9218-32
Manfred Schubert
Manfred Schubert
Branch manager Erfurt
Phone: (+49) 361 – 601 566 15

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