Mission statement

GIS Consult grew over the last 25 years from a GIS startup with a handful of developers to a medium-sized company with over 80 employees at several locations. Many different experiences, needs and attitudes come together. Building a mission statement was a good opportunity for us to exchange our ideas, similarities and expectations beyond all levels. We started in 2021 to build our mission statement in a bottom-up-process without specific instructions from our management or external support. It took over 9 months of regular participation of more than 60 employees in over 50 meetings and over 850 hours of work to identify the themes for our mission statement. The result is an authentic version of our GIS Consult that we all can identify with and that offers us orientation on our further journey and work together. Our mission statement describes our values and vision. Furthermore, is the wording deliberately chosen to describe the target state.

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Who we are and what defines us 

GIS Consult is a family, medium-sized IT service company. Our specialty is geographical information knowledge focused on consulting and development, in collaboration with partners at home and abroad. We are experts in integrated geodata management that is based on individual customer processes. We have special know-how when it comes to supply and disposal, road systems, real estate and public administration. We use our own software products as well as products of partner companies, and we also include OpenSource components as much as possible. Furthermore, we offer standardized products, data capture and training.

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How we understand our work

Our goal is to support our customers with the ideal geoinformation solution(s) they need and to accompany them competent and long-term. We see our customers as partners with individual needs that we quickly respond to and support with personal contacts, patience, fairness and reliability. Each of us is part of successful projects, based on good cross-departmental collaborations and optimized workflow. Continuous quality assurance is very important for us. We have flat hierarchies and short official channels. Transparency and open communication are essential for our cooperation. The responsibilities for projects and products are well-defined. All relevant information is collected in a local system. We enjoy breaking new ground with our customers and partners and also constantly develop ourselves further.

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What is important for us

GIS Consult is a reliable employer and partner that is respectful and honest. Besides economic aspects, our customers and colleagues satisfaction is crucial for us. GIS Consult allows much flexibility, free space and self-determination. As an employer we take our duty of care very seriously. In addition, we support our need for personal and professional development with aimed training offers. Through this everyone in our company can discover new work areas and remits depending on their expertise  as well as new interests. This allows everyone to participate with their strenght and preferences to support our team and success. We also experience appreciation and recognition for our work through customary, success-oriented remuneration and further social benefits. Joint events, like sailing, family and Christmas parties, also strengthen our good working atmosphere and sense of community.

We are aware of our social responsibility and support private honorary as well as social regional institutions.

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How we treat each other

We value our family atmosphere and want to keep it. Fun and humor are important for this. An appreciative, open and honest relationship based on mutual trust and respect is very important for us. Together we work to achieve our goals and therefore mutual support is quite natural for us. Everyone takes responsibility for their action and we deal tolerantly with mistakes. Also, everyone is within their possibilities responsible to quickly and constructively bring grievances and conflicts up. We treat each other with empathy, benevolence and tolerance.

Ein wertschätzender, offener und ehrlicher Umgang auf Basis von gegenseitigem Vertrauen und Respekt ist uns sehr wichtig.

Wir arbeiten gemeinsam an der Erreichung unserer Ziele, gegenseitige Unterstützung ist dabei selbstverständlich. Ein jeder übernimmt die Verantwortung für sein Tun und Handeln, was sich z. B. in einer toleranten Fehlerkultur niederschlägt.

Jeder ist gemäß seiner Möglichkeiten dafür verantwortlich, Missstände und Konflikte zeitnah und konstruktiv anzusprechen. Dabei begegnen wir einander mit Empathie, Wohlwollen und Nachsicht.

Genderhinweis (in German)