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As an applied geo-information systems company, we are your strong partner for high-quality GIS and database projects. Our focus is on public administration areas, roads and property information systems as well on industry and power and utility companies.

GIS Consult GmbH emerged in 1996 from the long-established consultancy office ÖbVI- Büro Schwartz & Partner. We currently support more than 100 customers with more than 1,500 GIS workstations nationwide with our 55 employees and additional freelancers at our sites in Haltern am See and Erfurt, in Germany.

Our specialists have demonstrated their competence in many successful projects. Projects based on the V-Model with a scope of up to € 5 million euros speak for themselves in this context. It is important to us to develop each specific task and solution together with the customer. This individual method of approach at GIS Consult has led to excellent results and high customer satisfaction in the past.

IAMS klein 2021n 2011, GIS Consult GmbH introduced an occupational safety management system. We have been accredited for occupational safety by the Verwaltungsberufsgenossenschaft (VBG) [German Administration Professional Association] since January 2012. This confirms that the company makes a major contribution to protecting our workforce and that occupational safety measures taken are positively received and supported by our employees.

Safeguarding occupational health and safety are essential components of our corporate policy.

Company targets

Success of Company
The success of our company depends significantly on our competitiveness. Our entrepreneurial experience and our committed, informed and qualified employees form the basis for this. Satisfied customers are the essential prerequisite for stable results, and are indispensable references for further business.

Realizing customer goals
We want to provide our customers with high quality solutions that meet approved characteristics. This includes good service and a friendly and cooperative relationship with each customer. We must understand our customers' problems and goals in order to develop optimum solutions.

Open and appreciative collaboration
Our cooperation is characterized with mutual respect, trust, cooperative interaction and open communication. We can only we provide the best services in good working atmospheres, in which we treat each other fairly.

Safe, healthy working practices
We want to work with all our energy to promote working conditions in which employees can work safely, healthily and successfully together in our company. This includes safe and ergonomic workplace equipment, workplaces and work processes. Employees are able to behave safely and healthily. Occupational safety is one of the company’s senior management functions, which is actively supported by all employees.

Continuous Improvement
Research and development 2020/2021Continuous improvement and further development of all processes helps us to keep our products and services marketable. Regular advanced training is an essential prerequisite for applying the most up-to-date techniques. Avoiding errors comes before correcting errors. However, we tolerate mistakes we can learn from.

Protecting the environment
Protecting the environment and economical use of natural resources are essential concerns for us. We are committed to sustainability. Our goal is a harmony between economy and ecology.

Managing directors

Dipl.-Geograph Thomas Hermes
Dipl.-Geograph Thomas HermesGeschäftsführung
Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Löken
Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Löken Prokurist
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Vogt
Dipl.-Ing. Christian Vogt Geschäftsführung
Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Hauling
Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Hauling Geschäftsführung


Dipl.- Informatiker Manfred Schubert
Dipl.- Informatiker Manfred SchubertNiederlassungsleiter Erfurt
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Achim Weßling
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Achim WeßlingConsultant
Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Praschan
Dipl.-Ing. Marcus PraschanConsultant
Sonja Klein-Marohn
Sonja Klein-MarohnMarketing / Vertriebsassistentin

GIS Consult GmbH
Schultenbusch 3

45721 Haltern am See

Tel.: 02364 9218-0
Fax: 02364 9218-72

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