Oracle Objekte

The quick road to an own datamodel

GC Oracle Objekte is a powerful tool that enables Smallworld users to create own datamodels in an open architecture and without programming. Data model standards won`t be changed and updates aren`t affected.  

Create your own object classes  

You can create your missing object classes in your own Smallworld application within a few minutes.  

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All data formats  

You can use all Smallworld data formats for GC Oracle Objects (selection fields, date, integers, decimals, catalog fields, strings).  

Various geometries  

GC Oracle Objekte enables to use point, line, surface and text geometries. You can open the geometries next to the presentation in the main window for spatial analysis and individual styles.  

More features: 

  • Logical fields and triggers: You can define logical triggers and fields for individual attribute fields. Furthermore, you can use Magik-programming-codes for complex tasks.  
  • Relations: The created Oracle objects can be related among each other and with data model objects from Smallworld. Simple and multiple relations are easily possible. This enables to create own data models and to complete existing data models via missing object classes.  
  • Compound documents: GC Oracle Objekte supports standard compound documents from Smallworld GIS. It enables to deposit files like PDF, Word or Excel files.  
  • Editor: The order and structure of object class attributes can be defined freely within the editor.  
  • Free Oracle databases: GC Oracle Objekte can use different Oracle databeases including the free Oracle XE-database.  
  • Inheritance: Within the created objects an inheritance could be performed. This enables you to use a basic configuration for similar objects.   
  • Location integration: Different location models can be used as attributes directly, for example the ALKIS location. You get direct access to the particular tables.   
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