Managing Real Estate

Well-known real estate companies such as the German market leader Vonovia successfully manage their properties using GIS Consult real estate applications (GC LIS).

Integration into existing geo-informatics systems or IT infrastructures, as well as connection to ERP systems, such as SAP, has been successfully implemented in various projects. Solutions from our company provide considerable potential for synergies for municipal real estate companies, in the context of transparent and efficient provision of property and real estate data for preparing NKF balance sheets (new communal financial management balance sheets).

GIS Consult has been supporting leading real estate companies throughout Germany for more than 20 years with its spatial tools and analytical methods. Distinct customizing functionalities of the basic tools make it possible to implement customer-specific LIS solutions tailored to customer requirements and designed for maximum added value. This results in workflow and process-oriented support decisions for real estate companies embedded in the company’s information and IT structure.

Selected questions illustrate the added value of real estate analyses using spatial tools:

  • Site surveys

    The location of a property determines its market opportunities. Investments and project planning therefore require detailed and objective knowledge of the location’s qualities. Due to the wealth of fundamental data and methodological competence, the activity not only extends to the evaluation of individual objects, but also to complex mass evaluations.

  • Portfolios

    Benchmark data from local property markets and specific industry knowledge in property sub-markets are used to optimise properties. Portfolios are analysed on this basis, evaluated and optimised.

  • Feasibility Studies

    Sustainability, in particular for operator properties, depends on economic real estate and specific locational conditions. Recommendations on the marketability of projects or properties are developed on the basis of detailed analyses.

  • Utilization concepts

    Changes in modern society create a requirement for innovative solutions in the property market. Specific sustainability and sustainable user concepts adapted to the situation and the market conditions are developed using forward-looking and operator-driven concepts and strategies.

  • Forecasting models

    Sales forecasts indicate the intrinsic value of retail locations. These are derived from market distribution calculations based on a model so that conclusions can be drawn about rents which can be achieved.

Our GIS-based GC LIS solutions provide our customers with high-quality planning and control instruments that open up a wide range of possibilities for structural analyses, status reports and target definition.

  • regional and sector-based market structures for existing properties
  • German property and real estate market - trends and developments
  • estimates and forecasts.
  • commercial baseline report
  • number of purchases and financial turnover of all important real estate sub-markets on a small scale
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